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Step-by-step guide to speech emotion recognition with MLP artificial neural network

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

In this article, I will show you how to recognize different emotions from pre-recorded audio recordings. We know that voice-controlled personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant and many more have become more powerful and still evolving. We start to see them integrated into phones, laptops, kitchen gadgets, cars, basically on almost anything we use daily. I think the ease of use is the primary key that makes this field grow magnificently.

When I find out about the Speech Emotion Recognition project on Kaggle using RAVDESS Emotional speech audio dataset, I decided to work on it…

Simple and hands-on project using Google Speech Recognition API

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

In this post, I will show you how to extract speeches from a video recording file. After recognizing the speeches we will convert them into a text document. This will be a simple machine learning project, that will help you to understand some basics of the Google Speech Recognition library. Speech Recognition is a popular topic under machine learning concepts. Speech Recognition is getting used more in many fields. For example, the subtitles that we see on Netflix shows or YouTube videos are created mostly by machines using Artificial Intelligence. …

Step-by-step guide to face recognition in real-time using OpenCv library

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

In this post, I will show you how to build your own face recognizer using Python. Building a program that detects and recognizes faces is a very interesting and fun project to get started with computer vision. In previous posts, I showed how to recognize text and also how to detect faces in an image, these are great projects to practice python in computer vision. Today, we will do something a little more advance and that is face recognition.

As can be understood from the name, we will write a program that will recognize faces in an image. When I…

Common Use Cases of Data Science in Healthcare Industry with Examples

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Data science that includes machine learning models has enabled accurate and efficient operations with fast computing capabilities in health care. Machine learning is transforming patient care strategies and has a fundamental role in health systems. The most commonly known techniques for healthcare in deep learning are natural language processing, computer vision, and reinforcement learning.

Benefits of Machine Learning in Healthcare Systems

  • Establishing accurate and efficient automated diagnostic suggestions.
  • Deep learning algorithms that help reduce care costs, reduce the administration load of healthcare professionals to let them focus on other complex diagnostics, prevent delays in reporting about urgent cases.
  • With diagnostic results and auditing, prescriptions to help decrease…

Automate Quote Image Generation with Machine Learning

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

This article will show you how to create quote images without using any graphic design software or program. Also, you don’t have to spend time finding a quote; the machine will select one for you. There are many fields where automation is being applied, and graphic design is also one of them. With the development of super-powerful GPUs, computer scientists started to use that power to have fun. I am sure you have heard of OpenAI and how it can design things with just one sentence describing it. The machine’s intelligence does the rest. The project is called DALL-E.


Get Started with Financial Technology using these libraries

Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

In this article, I will share must know 7 Python libraries/ modules used in Finance and Financial Technology. Suppose you are wondering how some companies become more recognizable over a short period of time. In that case, mostly it’s because they incorporated Python modules into their decision-making process. They were able to eliminate middleman outsourcing companies and other processing inefficiencies that resulted in prompt decisions and a better understanding of market forces without any foreign influence. Machine Learning is playing a very major role in the growth of finance and financial technology fields.

Creating your own decision making models is…

Step-by-Step Guide with video demonstration

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

In this article, I will show you how to design a customizable and personalized clock website using JavaScript. This is a great introductory-level project to get started with the p5.js library. Here is a little background story how I got here:

I am a programmer, who also happens to love photography and art. After spending some time online, and researching some projects that I can combine programming with art. I found about this field called: “Generative Art”. Then, I bought a couple of books to get started. There are multiple libraries that can be used to create art, and one…

Get Started with PyGame and Designing Graphical User Interfaces

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

In this tutorial, we will build a fast typing game using Python. It will be a hands-on and straightforward project. We are going to use the PyGame python module to make this game. After completing this project, you will have some idea of how to create games using Python. And also, you will learn how to develop and design graphical user interfaces.

The final program may look easy, but many variables and attributes need to be defined and tracked in reality. For example, in this fast typing game project, we will calculate the running time, accuracy of the words, and…

Get started with AWS projects and enhance your resume


In this article, I will give a little introduction to Amazon Web Services and share 5 simple and hands-on projects that you can work on to get started. These projects will give you some insight on what is achievable using AWS platform. You will find the titles of the projects very familiar if you have experience with Python programming. Most of them are machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. When it comes to cloud computing there are specific tools for specific tasks, understanding the toolkit with make things much easier and faster. …

You heard right — Python can be used for Automation and Software Development Testing

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

In this article, I will share my top 10 python modules/ tools for automation and testing. With software production comes many issues, and automation and testing is the best way to resolve these issues without spending hours. This way we can test our programs and check every scenario. In automation and software testing, Java is the most known language. But as a Python developer myself, I decided to find the best python modules for automation and testing. And in this article, I will share my list with you. All of them are fun to work with and the results are…

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